Sold Out

Creator's Story

Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Tanya Heath has always been an innovator.  After completing a BA and MA in international relations from the University of Toronto and Carlton University, Heath moved to France with her husband in 1996, where she studied business, specializing in strategy and new technologies.

A fashion-forward woman on-the-go, Tanya spent 15 years working in private equity, innovative high technology, and even in academia as a professor of innovation in Paris.  Through the years, she struggled to find a shoe that was versatile enough for her busy lifestyle; she needed a shoe that was fashionable enough for work, yet comfortable enough to walk her children to school.  After unsuccessfully seeking a pair of shoes that could reconcile comfort with style, Tanya decided to take her heels into her own hands.

In 2009, Tanya began working on her first pair of shoes.  With the help of 14 engineers and shoe technicians plus several designers and master boot makers, she created a shoe and heel system that was both stylish and comfortable. 

In 2013, Tanya launched TANYA HEATH Paris, the world’s first adjustable height shoe with removable heels.  As a tribute to the individuals who gave their time, expertise, and creativity to make Heath’s dream shoe a reality, all of the heels have men’s names while all the shoes have women’s names.