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How it Works

TANYA HEATH Paris offers a unique range of shoes with interchangeable heels that let you change from a high heel to a low heel with a click of a button. All of your heels work with all of your shoes and we offer a wide selection of styles and colours, so you can create the fashion statement that best expresses who you are!

TANYA HEATH Paris shoes feature timeless styles for intensive wear. TANYA HEATH Paris heels are modern and feature on-trend colors and textures. The combined match/clash produces a look that is highly individualized and always current.  More importantly this shoe is for you, not your closet.  You will actually wear this shoe, to work, to walk, to dance, to dine, to shop, to drive, to explore your world in comfort and style.

To attach a heel you slide it into place until your hear a click.

To remove a heel, simply press your thumb on the black button inside the shoes and slide the heel off. 


Each shoebox contains one pair of TANYA HEATH Paris shoes.  Heels are chosen separately. 

TANYA HEATH Paris shoes incorporate a mechanism that allows you to click the heels on and off. 


There are four types of heels that come in dozens of colours and textures:

  • Denis is a "boot maker's" high heel of 8 ½ cm (almost 3 1/2 inches)
  • François is an elongated stiletto heel of 8 ½ cm (almost 3 1/2 inches)
  • Christophe is a small trotter heel of 4 ½ cm (about 1 3/4 inches)
  • Stephane is a perfect kitten heel of 6 cm (almost 2 1/2 inches) 
  • NEW!  Damien is a stylish thin straight heel of 6.5 cm (2  1/2 inches)
  • NEW!  Mini Denis is Denis' little brother, great for all day at 7 cm (2  3/4 inches)